We value transparent billing.  Since we are a small company, the entire search budget goes towards actual search time, rather than overhead costs that are typical in bigger search firms.  Over the years, we’ve developed an accurate sense of the amount of time a typical search will take.  We’re confident you’ll find our pricing and aggressive turnaround time to be extremely competitive.

Type of SearchAverage cost Average Hours RequiredAverage Turnaround Time**
Patentability96081-2 weeks
Knockout Patentability60051-2 weeks
Landscape1800151-2 weeks
Invalidity3000251-2 weeks
Infringement2400201-2 weeks
FTO3000251-2 weeks
Preissuance Submissions3000251-2 weeks
Accelerated Examination3000251-2 weeks

**Above prices and turnaround times are averages, and are not a guarantee of a price on a specific project.  Prices and turnaround times vary based on a variety of factors

  • Rush services available, and in many cases, searches can completed in less than 5-7 business days
  • Hourly and flat rate billing available
  • First time client discount available
  • Group discount available
  • Capped budgets can be accommodated