Our #1 priority is to provide the most exhaustive, accurate search result, at the most competitive cost.

SPSG is a full-service patent search firm based on the foundation of leveraging and translating our broad IP backgrounds into cutting-edge, high accuracy patent research.

Our team has backgrounds ranging from in-house counsel, to USPTO Examiners, to patent attorneys (prosecution and litigation). Because of this diversity, our searching intrinsically takes on all of these perspectives. Our searching is informed by our diverse, powerful IP backgrounds.

How exactly does this strengthen our searching? Here are a couple examples:

First, in terms of patentability, we have been on both sides of the table. As Examiners, it was our duty to determine patentability and perform efficient patent research. As patent attorneys and agents, we worked on the other side of the table, prosecuting before the USPTO. This duality gives us a deep perspective into patentability. We are able to interpolate what the USPTO may cite against an invention. This is insight only gained with prosecution experience.

Second, in terms of FTO (freedom to operate), our team includes former patent attorneys that have experience in drafting FTO opinions. Because of this experience in analyzing prior art for FTO, we have incredible insight into interpreting claims for FTO, and knowing how to efficiently search in this manner.

Our first priority is to provide the most comprehensive, accurate search result, at the most competitive cost. We are a boutique patent search firm. We aim to provide a personalized experience for our clients because our firm ethos is valuing quality over quantity.

We take a very hands-on, interactive approach to every project. We become very involved in the process, often providing creative insight into the search project that was not considered beforehand. We like to think of this interactive approach as being akin to an in-house search team. At SPSG we are invested and take pride in every project.